Saint Francis to Passignano

Saint Francis to Passignano
The territory of Passignano sul Trasimeno was in several places touched by the passage of Saint Francis.

"Little Flowers" shows that the boatman who ferried the Holiness to the Maggiore island of Lake Trasimeno for the Lenten season of the year 1211, set out with his boat from the shore of Passignano with the promise not to reveal to anyone the particular circumstance. Fortunately for the fate of the Maggiore island and Passignano, "trumpet of silence" rang!
A beautiful bronze statue of Francis and inspired to his "Canticle of the creatures", bestowed in 2007 by the Red Cross in Zagreb to mate Section AVIS of Passignano, is placed on the lake shore of "Zagreb gardens" facing the largest island, as it want to bless it with the aquatic expanse of Trasimeno still lovely.
But even the great and important village near Passignano, Castel Rigone, repeatedly seen the passage of Francis. According to popular tradition, in fact, for a particular graphic on a cartography of the place dates back to 1740 and probably symbolizing the passage of a Saint, Francis would have repeatedly crossed on foot the route between Assisi and Chiusi La Verna, where he received the stigmata, touching even Castel Rigone. The hypothesis is supported by the fact that the straight line joining the two aforesaid places crosses the mentioned graphic sign in Castel Rigone, just at the place traditionally known as "Bed of Saint Francis", an uncomfortable ridge of stone outcropping, where the Saint would have "rested" interrupting the journey.

The particular site, which is just a few metres from the junction for Perugia on the road which from Castel Rigone leads to its lush forest was made particularly welcoming and impressive, both for the intrinsic value and strong and committed to boost popular.