Lido of Passignano

Lido of Passignano
The construction of the "Lido di Perugia" dates back to the early 1930s. This enchanting lakeside terrace, still active today, where important movie scenes were filmed with well known actors (just remember Marcello Mastroianni), dance competitions are organized, musical events are made, especially of pop music with the most famous protagonists of Italian music, fashion shows are organized with the participation of prestigious presenters such as Mike Bongiorno and it's possibile to taste local products after the spectacular sunsets and the slight evening breeze of Lake Trasimeno.

The round terrace on the "Lake" of Lido of Passignano inspired the great maestro Franco Migliacci, one of the most famous lyricists of Italian music, for the composition-in 1964- of the unforgettable song "Una rotonda sul mare". The influential composer was awarded honorary citizenship of Passignano on the occasion of the memorable evening reminiscent of August 20, 2010 at "la Rotonda" (the round terrace). At the request of the reason of the current semicircular terrace Terminal to linear different symmetry, was answered that the massive "frozen lake" in February 1956 resulted in serious damage to the equipment and the installations of Lakes: the Lido terrace was repaired and extended the original circular shape by absorbing features of the Lodge at the tip, which still exists, which allowed a better movie experience which were projected in summer from the cabin above the entrance of the local Lido since the early 1940s, for the pleasure of tourists and residents.

The town cannot also forget another great musician composer who here is born: Cesare Cesarini that after saying goodbye to his adopted city with the unforgettable "Firenze sogna", wanted to pay homage in depicting "the Lido", a piece of great beauty, who manages poetically to make sensitive the rustle of boats ... silent.

Lake and Lido constituted a source of inspiration for painters, poets and photographers who were able to shine a thousand reflections in art and culture in favor of this spectacular territory, rich in landscapes and glimpses of hail charm.

The Lido, built by a construction company of Passignano, was among the other adorned with paintings of the great painter perugino Gerardo Dottori. The inauguration took place on August 12, 1935 and was transported in a large wooden sphere with a diameter of 6 meters, colored like watermelon, repaired and stabilized for the event on the terrace of the important local. On the occasion of the opening of its valve by means of hydraulic mechanisms, six dancers of the 'Scala ' of Milan appeared in dance costume, and performed with the music of a large orchestra of the time.

Today the Lido is undoubtedly one of the culturally and touristically icons identifying and qualifying of Passignano.