Fortress of Passignano

Passignano sul Trasimeno is famous for its medieval fortress, from which you can see all round the country landscape, the surrounding hills and Lake Trasimeno.

From the 5th-6th century, the fortress was built by the Lombards in position above the town.
In the 11th century the Toscani Marquis completed probably the work raising the imposing square walls, while doing the fortress a real fortified castle were the Perugians who came into possession of it.

The fortress with his cassero is most likely the point from which the village Carpenter began and developed around up to degrade Lake coast as a result of less fear of barbarian invasions.

The urban transformation of the Castle and the surrounding village was especially for its walls decayed, its towers, gates and perimeter houses up to the limit still possible respect the Lake, always considering the oscillatory character of its hydrometric level, which recorded over the centuries numerous flooding as setbacks with serious risks of drainage.

At the end of the 13th century Peassignano, first castle on the Lake Trasimeno, obtained a statute and its own mayor.

Several owners followed in the period between the middle ages and the Renaissance, a period when the fortress underwent further modifications, demolition and renovations to make it "fit" to new times.

Since May 2008, this beautiful piece of history is open again to the public after restoration which became necessary after the bombings of World War II.