The Tourism of Lake Trasimeno

Passignano sul Trasimeno’s story: yesterday and nowadays

Lago Trasimento

In recent years, tourism at Lake Trasimeno has had a rapid development, thanks to the historic villages and nature walks.
Passignano offers all this and more: possibilities for entertainment, cultural activities and good food.

Passignano Yesterday

The history of Passignano is definitely intense and interesting.
Some archaeological evidences show that Passignano was already populated in prehistoric times.

The origin of the name "Passignano" is probably due to the correlation that the Romans attributed to the deity Janus, god of doors and passages, which made the country the "place of the passage".

Passignano, thanks to its strategic location favoring trade, has always been a place coveted and fought over by people of different ages, including the Lombards, Byzantines (who in the seventh century fortified) and later by Arezzo, Siena, Florence and Perugini, whose Passignano became the stronghold.

Passignano Nowadays

Nowadays, Passignano sul Trasimeno is a pleasant small town and tourist destination, where you can breathe an atmosphere of serenity and history permeates every little street of the village.

Walking through the streets of the village and reaching the old town is a refreshing and satisfying experience, as well as visiting the most interesting places including the Church of St. Christopher and the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima dei Miracoli.

Passignano is a beach resort, too, so you can find the typical amusement of summer, with lidos and different opportunities for water sports.